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VALOR Shaving Soap - Original

VALOR Shaving Soap - Original

A organic shaving soap that will provide an excellent shave. Complete with custom stainless steel shave bowl and hand made puck with our viking logo embossed in it.

Original Blend was our first Valor scent created – the scent was designed for a soap we produced for Sea Shepherd – embodying the qualities that Warriors need. Shave with it for a week and notice the difference in how your skin feels.

Essential Oils of Sweet Fennel, Clove, Lime and Patchouli were chosen for the qualities they can induce: Strength and Valor in the face of adversity, Protection and Courage, Raises energy, Sharpen the wits and banishes Lethargy. No shrinking violets here – this sweet Aniseed smelling blend, is always in demand.
  • Details

    * Organic – *Australian Virgin Olive Oil, *Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Rainwater, *Shea butter, *Cocoa butter, *Castor bean oil. Rice Bran oil, *Avocado Oil. Sodium Hydroxide, Kaolin Clay, 100% Pure Essential Oils of Sweet Fennel, Patchouli, Clove + Lime
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